TwEECer RT Scalars - Address out of range

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TwEECer RT Scalars - Address out of range

Post by Pwrshft99 » Sun Oct 21, 2018 10:23 am

Have a TwEECer RT and it's been running my truck for years.

I wanted to try to log, connected my laptop and CalCon, and after I clicked 'read TwEECer', the Scalars tab all read 'address out of range'. When I open a copy of my original tune saved on my PC, it opens in CalCon and all the values are present. If I try to rewrite that file to any position of the TwEECer, I get an 'unable to flash' error.

I remember reading about TwEECer in MM&FF as a kid when it was new technology lol. I got this one second hand a few years back and while it is running a tune I purchased, I've really been frustrated trying to do anything else with it.

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