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Ford 5.0 to Ranger TPS adapter

Post by motorhead1991 » Wed Dec 30, 2020 4:57 pm

For a long time, the 2.3T crowd has used SuperCoupe and SN95 throttle bodies to improve response and overall flow, but this came with a caveat. In order to do so, you had to completely remove the EGR valve and flange to clear the TPS. People have come up with creative ways to combat this issue, like metal adapter plates and multi-piece kits, but my design eliminates that fight entirely.

With this simple 3D printed part, installed on the shaft of the throttle or into the sensor itself, the "horizontal" nature of the shaft becomes more vertical, allowing the use of Ranger TPS sensors (commonly found on many other Fords as well). The Ranger sensors share a connector and bolt spacing with the 5.0/SC sensors, so it's super simple to install.

TPS adapter overview
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