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Not tune related but can't rid of a Code 66 A9P

Post by alexsvt » Tue May 11, 2021 8:11 pm

Hello ,

Stock 91 A9P here , code 66 only. On a mid-hard acceleration , engine is bugging a lot , Maf voltage will not go over 2.x volt. , on a free rev it will raise without bugging.

Changed three capacitor because they had leaked.

Tested another stock good know sensor, sensor is not the problem.

That car is bone stock. when I unplug the maf , it will pull like a stock 91 ( kinda ) , when plugged like a old Tempo 4 banger.

I got 0 ohm on the ground to the body or pin 20-40 and 60 in the ECM , I got 11.7v on the red and .2 ohm between the maf connector and the ECM , I got 5v and .2 ohm and .2 ohm on the maf signal return ( .9V while idling ).

What I missed ?

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