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want to learn about EDIS conversions

Post by Kingfish999 » Wed Jun 02, 2021 10:38 pm

i currently have a 90 F250 that i swapped Explorer 5.0 engine, trans, and EFI into and i love it. i also love the EDIS setup and im curious about potentially converting my other 2 trucks to use wasted spark EDIS-8. i want to learn more about it. i understand the Explorer EEC does not have a standalone EDIS-8 module and i would probably need one. apparently i cannot use the Explorer EEC to control an E4OD trans so swapping the EEC is not an option for either trucks.

i know i would need a 36-1 crank trigger and a cam syncro. i plan on running Explorer 5.0 accessories and rebalanced harmonic balancer that has the crank trigger. otherwise the 96 balancers i have already have a 4-point wheel for misfire detection, i could find a way to make or swap a 36-1 wheel on them. someone on a previous post mentioned how to combine 2 cam syncros to work on a 351w

i have a 96 Bronco with a 408 im building to replace my blown 418. its using stock EEC-V with a Quarterhorse. it uses a normal ICM with distributor. is it possible to use a standalone EDIS-8 module in-place of the ICM and tune the EEC for it?

i also have a offroad only truck. it is currently also useing EEC-V with a Quarterhorse but it will eventually need to be swapped to carb. in a discussion on another forum, someone mentioned to me using MegaJolt Lite Jr with an EDIS-8 module. so it will adjust timing based on integrated MAP sensor. otherwise runing fixed base timing could be an option

my knowledge is limited however so looking for info, advice, ideas
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