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Wiring sending units to Dataq

Post by 92 5 oh » Sat Oct 16, 2021 12:02 am

I’m thinking about buying a dataq di-1100 so I can data log boost, fuel pressure and WB. I’ve been out of the tuning scene for a while and relearning some of the details. I’m aware that I can connect boost or AFR to the EVP wiring but I figure if I want to DL these other dreams I’m going to need a dataq anyways. Before I go any further I’m trying to get a better understand of the wiring. Here’s my current hardware:
Tweecer RT
GM 3 bar
Autometer electric fuel sending unit. But the gauge doesn’t work so I was hoping to use this sensor if I can find the transfer functions

Can anyone confirm if my wiring would be correct:

1) PLX is already installed. Just need to run the +5v wire to the dataq (+) of one of the channels

2) 3 bar: +5v connects to vref wire on the evp harness. Ground to ground, and the signal wire to channel 2 (+) on the dataq

3) FP sensor has 4 wires. One wire to +12v, one wire to ground, one wire to +5v reference (could I use the same vref as the MAP?). Last wire is the signal wire, that goes to the (+) on channel 3 of the dataq?

Anything else need to be wired up? I searched but not turning up anything real current. Any input Is appreciated

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