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Computer settings for BE

Post by FinnCobra » Fri Mar 17, 2023 10:19 am

I used BE and Mongoose cable to update calibration to 1996 Cobra (Japan model) Computer has 64 bit Win 11, language is english and date/clock setting US.
I red calbration with coretuning strategy and Sailorbops too. Both gave error, and compare shows that files are different.
I got error when updating and ecm file corrupted. Car didn't start, I tried flashing several times and different .beb versions and got car running on one bank. I have 2 different strategies for this ecm. Then I tried with older laptop with win10 and similar settings. BE loaded calibration with no errors and programming was succesful.
Now I wonder what is wrong with first laptop settings that it won't load files correctly. I'm in Finland, I know that language and date settings affect but they should be same on both laptops.
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