Moates QH suddenly just quit

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Moates QH suddenly just quit

Post by Aerowolf1 » Thu Feb 23, 2017 12:16 pm

So i have a QH in my car and ran it fantastic for about 2 weeks... then all of the sudden while I'm on the road, my CEL pops on and the car hesitates so i pull off and pull codes, turns up as EGR malfunction codes which i deleted in the tune. I restart the car and the CEL is gone and its running fine again, like the chip disconnected for a second... i run it for a few miles and it seems fine so i get on the highway headed to the car meet.

About 4 miles down the highway the car starts cutting fuel and hesitating, rpm's are going crazy and its dying, at one point i went from 3800 to 200 and back so i killed the engine and pulled over as fast as i could and ripped the chip out, now its back to running stock tune crap and back to stalling out at stop lights due to EGR delete and new heads/flow on 100 octane

Anyone had their chip just up and quit like that? I have a v3 moates quarterhorse and disconnected hooked up to the laptop everything looks perfectly fine in the tune parameters and tested battery with a multimeter

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