AGANF strategy issues

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AGANF strategy issues

Post by Kingfish999 » Sun Jun 24, 2018 12:00 am

i have the AGANF strategy from Core Tuning and found (really found by cgreg8) a couple issues when datalogging in BE. for starters it seems that BE is showing the Load, LoadX and ICSDC as a decimal instead of a percentage. for example it is showing 0.217 instead of 21.7 percent. INJDC 1 and 2 may also have a similar problem that it may need to be multiplied by 10 because my highest value in my log never get quite to 10. another issue i found is the VBat somereason shows around 45 volts.
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also as for the ICSDC, i have found that even after multiplying the values by 100 to change the decimal to percent, some values still show as a decimal. this means that some of these readings would need to be multiplied by 10,000 to be correct. interesting tho that the value is still the same other than being x100. for example it will show 0.390525 while other boxes will show 39.0525 despite both values already being multipled by 100. some values will jump to 0 which im not sure is normal or not despite it astill being at idle.
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also i am wondering if there might be something else im not catching. im not an expert tunerby any means and i have made a couple threads asking for advice on my setup. but after data logging for awhile and trying to tune the MAF curve in EA or autotune the curve in BE, the new curve always comes out something messed up and unuseable. i have been adjusting the maf curve manually by ear and guestimation trying to get the long/short trims as good as i can. makes me wonder if there is another issues that i am not catching
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