GUFx Breakpoint Calculation to ms

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GUFx Breakpoint Calculation to ms

Post by skunk » Sun Jul 29, 2018 2:56 pm

Im not all that savvy with Excel calculations and Im wondering if its possible to create a second set of Scalers that will display the Breakpoints for GUFx strategies in milliseconds referencing either the Injector slopes OR Breakpoint as constant.

Eg calculation from EA help file;

LS Breakpoint in milliseconds = ((3.0398/(26.0997/36))/4 = 1.0482 ms ........ indicating where the LS takes over.

HS Breakpoint in milliseconds = ((3.0398/(19.6417/36))/4 = 1.3928 ms ........ giving you the variable to calculate the HS offset.

Heck maybe even display the ms offset applied to the HS: HS BP - LS BP ........ 1.3928 - 1.0482 = 0.3446 ms

My main interest for this applies to scaling injector parameters. Ratios dont always seem to work getting these variables correct. My thought is doing a simple compare to the original bin file should have these additional parameters appear identical even though HS, LS and BP can be vastly different from the original. Makes it easier to spot a problem.

I understand this may not be possible within the strategy file, maybe its something that would require Clint to get involved if he feels its something worthwile. I also understand EA has this capability except its not as quick since it requires you to actually load a data log before the table will populate giving the above information. The saving grace is it doesn't have to be a log specific to your tune as long as it has the required parameters. I ended up editing a log to just a handful of lines to make it quicker to load and process. A little extra resolution on the table would also be nice for those with OCD like myself.

Anyways.....just talking out loud, waiting for the rain to stop. LOL....Chris, you know im talking in your general direction, maybe! I hope my math is correct.
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