What tunable swap? for a tech doc... need advice

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What tunable swap? for a tech doc... need advice

Post by Landho » Thu Mar 16, 2017 10:56 pm

So... the classicbroncos.com forum has some really stale tech docs and write ups for engine swaps and virtually none for tune-able swaps. These are what led me to sticking with A9L when apparently I could have gone with something much better. Sure, everybody wants a Coyote or EcoBoost, and I'd be interested in links or direction to write ups on getting those to work... but, for the budget builders of us out there, I am interested to know what tune-able engine swaps are the ticket these days which drop in where a tired probably carb'd Windsor once was - not saying it has to be easy... but, at least practical considering space.

The CB swaps and write ups primarily focus on EEV-IV, a few posts on 4BT's, and then the high-end recent stuff for Coyote and ecoboosts - which, leave a bit to desire and require relatively heavy modifications.

A very common EB swap is HO explorer setups... yank out the old block/carb, drop in a junk yard Explorer setup, and go... yet, many still revert these to older EEV-IV setups or go back to carb, because they (myself included) don't know what technical/tuning/eec issues they'll have to deal with. FiTech is making it's gains in the crowd (especially with the 351w swaps) because the ability to use the shorter Carb intake available (which are also cheaper and more readily available for the 351w) and still squeeze under the hood.

SO ... if you had to swap out an engine in an early Mustang or early Bronco or other early Ford where a windsor once churned, which could at least be squeezed in to the confined space, and would ALSO be tune-able and supported by a good amount of tuning hardware/software/community: What would you drop in? And - any links or direction to write ups on the swap/tune hardware & details?
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