New to tuning trying to learn what to do

Anything about Ford EEC tuning. TwEECer and Moates questions dominate, but there's some SCT and OBD-II knowledge too.

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New to tuning trying to learn what to do

Post by skunkworks » Fri Mar 17, 2017 5:32 pm

You guys helped me with the donor car that i found the quarterhorse in i thought i would buy one in try it in my own car.
My car is alot of old donated parts and stuff people didn't want anymore so.I have it running on the stock a9l tune file and it runs just like it always has which was never that great so here is my combo .
stock bottom end 302
gt40 iron heads
explorer intake
bbk long tubes
30# venom injectors (old as dirt couldnt tell you where they came from )
grantatelli motorsports 90 mm maf meter for 30# injectors
unknown camshaft its an anderson motorsports cam no idea the specs it was given to me from a friend who had it in a engine that he parted out (possible b-41cam sounds really good )
70 mm t body and egr spacer
timing is set at 12 degrees
fuel pressure is at 39 psi
The car is a mutt it has 82 gt nose body is an 88 all the wiring and interior is 92 gt with air bag
has sn95 brakes 3.73 gear with aburn pro (donated rear from totaled car)
So there the combo and here is the problem i have as it sits like it alway has its very rich at idle i have aem wide band and she pegs at idle.
I looked up some things to help and iam at a little loss. I dont see these injector listed or the maf so
i just need pointed in the right direction thanks for the help and please excuse my stupidity at times iam learning

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