Tip In Stumble When Cold

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Tip In Stumble When Cold

Post by wickedsnake00 » Thu May 11, 2017 7:12 pm

Car is a 2000 Mustang, EECV FTL3, 4.6 DOHC, turbo/supercharged, using SCT PRP.

My issue is I notice at tip-in when ECT is fairly cold, it will stumble. When it's warmed up, it's perfect. The question is what table should I be looking at to correct this? Since it only seems to be transient I don't think it would be the Base fuel table cold or when that changes over. I would guess it's something more in the transient category like the Change in Puddle Mass table or Transient Fuel Value table, especially since both index ECT. And if so, which direction would they need adjustment?

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