Dialing in fuel

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Dialing in fuel

Post by rnrdthefox » Fri May 12, 2017 11:10 am

I've recently moved to some 42lb injectors. When I'm in OL, it tend to have an AFR richer than lambse. But when I'm in closed loop, it tend to run lean. I've attached two files. One for open loop and one for closed loop. I thought I was getting close on my injector slopes, but wonder if I should reset back to the LMAF curve from BE and try again. What would cause it to become lean in CL? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

5_11_LMAF_Inj timing_offset_42lb inj_v2 CL.csv
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5_11_LMAF_Inj timing_offset_42lb inj_v1 OL.csv
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