Cold start not using base fuel table cold.

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Cold start not using base fuel table cold.

Post by MalcolmV8 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:43 am

I have an 03 Cobra AMZ2 that is starting up straight into "base fuel table", fuel source 5 on cold start. Normally they start up in "base fuel table cold", fuel source 4. The two settings that control it "ECT to switch base table" and "ECT to return to base fuel table cold" are at stock settings of 120 and 100.
Car is cold starting with ECT of 60F. What else can affect this? never had one of these cars do this before.
03 Cobra, 12:1 SCR built motor, cams, 2.3 TVS, E85, ID 1700 injectors, return fuel system, GT500 MAF, nitrous.

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