T4MO look over, having idle issues cold and hard warm starts

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T4MO look over, having idle issues cold and hard warm starts

Post by Slow50vert » Mon Jun 18, 2018 10:22 am

Hey all you fine tuning gurus, i am in the final stages of tuning. I have it running good except for some surging on start up and cruising as well as some warm starting issues. Before i do the base idle reset once again and start changing dashpots and what ever else, would someone be able to have a look at the tune and see if there is anything off track that may need a change or be causing the issues. Min PW or whatever may look off. I did a base T4MO bin compare and a lot of differences in the tunes. Not really sure there should be that many. The tune was a start up tune that i received from a tuner and want to double check things are not way off. I have dynoed the car and fueling/spark seems really good except for a slight lean at around 2600-2900 rpm. Anyone care to have a look and make any recommendations? Thanks in advance. cheers!!
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