99 Mustang CHH3 Transmission issue

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99 Mustang CHH3 Transmission issue

Post by Montecarlodrag » Mon Jan 07, 2019 4:01 pm


I tuned a 99 mustang with a forged 4.6, single turbo with BA3000 MAF and all supporting mods. Everything went smooth on the engine side.
The transmission is rebuilt with a shift kit. I only changed the RPM shift points and it shifted nice and firm at WOT 1-2, 2-3. At part throttle it works very good without any issue.
However it started to go "neutral" after a long pull, I release the gas pedal and rev it again but the transmission is still in "neutral" (for lack of a better word), if I move the shifter to N then to D again it engages again and seems to be normal.
It won't re-engage by itself no matter how long I wait, I can limp to a complete stop and it will still be in neutral, as soon as I switch the shifter to N and back to D it engages again and works "normal".

It only does it in 3rd or when downshifting 4-3

I have tuned many cars like this and they are all working good with same trans settings. This is the first time I see this behavior. ATF is at correct level.
Is there anything I can change in the tune to fix this? Using BE with a QH, CHH3 ECU, I flashed the tune to the ECU with OBD2 cable to rule out the QH and it still did the same.

Thanks in advance.

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