Previously Tuned 95 GTS Running Rich

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Previously Tuned 95 GTS Running Rich

Post by Eugenemilon » Mon Jan 21, 2019 3:33 pm

Hey guys,

This is my first post on this forum so sorry if I'm not on point with anything or i'm in the wrong spot.

Long story short, I bought a 95 GT which had some work done to it but had a lifter issue. I fixed the lifter issue and the car is running real rich, eyes water when your around it too long. So I went and bought a QH setup and Jaybird to pull previous tune(Attached to the post). I noticed the SARCHG was changed, to 190.84 which seems like 19/30. MAF transfer wasnt touched much, slopes werent changed. From my reading, I think it was because of the ProFlow MAF. Maybe they didnt have the transfer function and this was the easier way to get the fuel close.

Here are the mods for the car. My question is that what happened with the tune, is it necessarily wrong? Also I haven't had much of a change to drive the car so this is mostly idle were talking about. I've since added a wide band but in the process of getting it to show up in the logger.

1995 GTS 5SPD, Factory bottom end, AFR 165 Heads, E303, Lightning GT40 Upper/Explorer Lower, Edelbrock/bbk 70mm TB, ProFlow 30lb MAF, 30lb Red tops, MAC Shorties, MAC prochamber, SLP Loudmouths, and MSD Coil.

Oh I almost forgot I did removed the SMOG pump while I was fixing the lifter problem. In case anyone is curious a lifter on cylinder 3 fell apart, the pushrod landed on the body of the lifter and shot the helicoil holding the rocker arm down out. Luckily ALL the pieces from the lifter were in the valley.

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