Intermittent idle spark soruce during cruise and WOT

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Intermittent idle spark soruce during cruise and WOT

Post by BoatBum10 » Tue Feb 12, 2019 12:28 am

I'm running a T4M2 Cabaza tune with sailorbob def. I'm having an odd spark source behavior. At cruise speeds my source changes from 2 to 9 intermittently. Probably for half a second about every 5 to 15 seconds. Above roughly 3,000 rpm it rapidly oscillates between 2 and 9. Datalog shows TPS, MAF, ECT, and other sensors all look steady. I've changed TRLOAD in case my MLPS input was an issue. I have air and fuel within reason, still working on transients. I noticed the issue with massive spark surging above 3,000 when I started trying WOT runs, and now that I'm watching spark source I've seen the blips under cruise.

At warm idle spark is steady at source 9.

This is a 460, and I don't have all the load, torque, manifold related tables dialed in yet, but they're all close enough to drive ok. Any place particular to look that's calling out idle spark while under load?
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