Ford Explorer 4.0L 1996 and 1999 4.0L OHV

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Ford Explorer 4.0L 1996 and 1999 4.0L OHV

Post by Cawe » Wed Apr 03, 2019 5:56 am

Hello. I have Ford Explorer 4.0L V6 OHV from 1996r. I d like to modify some parameters. Before I buy QuarterHorse I d like to see what parameters I can change and what are the factory setings. Is someone have 1996 OHV and 1999 OHV bin code and xdf file or someone known where I can find it ? I d like to use TunerPro Rt to looking on all parametres and compare OHV with 4R55E and 5R55E.

Thanks for all answers.

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