Idle problems

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Idle problems

Post by Streetstallion » Mon Apr 08, 2019 5:30 pm

When I crank my engine from a cold start, it struggles badly and takes forever to idle on its own and when it does, the idle just rolls up and down and then stalls. When I try to crank it back up, I have to hold the throttle open to get it to start up again, like its flooded. I've pulled KOER test and the only code I get is (13) ISC/IAC motor, AIR bypass not controlling idle properly...generally idle too high) but, my idle is set at 850. I've tested all connections and they are good and I'm getting the proper voltage. I've changed the ISC/IAC 3 times with no good results.

What could be causing this??? I'm confused!!! Its also tuned with Quarterhorse.These are my mods.....

FYI: These are my mods...

- N/A 351, bored .030 over..10.6:1 Compression
- Trickflow R intake
-Canfield heads (29-450-58-0)
-Accufab 75mm TB
- 95mm PMAS slotted MAF (MH95B-3000)
- 4” Anderson powerpipe
- 42lb Ford injectors
-Harland Sharp 1.6 rockers
-Compcams 35-518-8, 555/565 lift
- DSS GSX forged pistons
- Accufab adjustable fuel pressure regulator) set at 40psi
- Walbro 255lph fuel pump
-Crane Fireball Ignition box
-Fireball coil...
-Autolite plugs, gapped to 0.45
89 Mustang GT, A9L ECM controlled by Moates Quarterhorse, N/A 351w bored .030 over, Keith Black 11.1 compression pistons, Canton windage tray and 7 qt oil pan, Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, Canfield Stage II heads, TF 75mm TB, Pro-M 75mm MAF, 36lb EV6 injectors, AEM wideband, Ford Motorsport 1.6 RR, Compcam 35-518-8 (555/565 lift), BBK longtubes w/x-pipe, Ford Racing Z T5 tranny and 3.55 gears out back.

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