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De-clutch stall - intermittent

Post by 95GTSpeedDemon » Tue Apr 23, 2019 9:47 pm

fox w/ Cbaza, h/c/i 302, t5, 5th gear coasting, about 40mph or less, hit clutch and it wont idle, just dies sometimes. VSS works on dash but not in the datalog.
I think i need some schooling for fine tuning air values/dashpot so i can stop wasting my time. The books i have dont touch on this enough and decipha's write up only got my dumbass so far and i couldn't follow it anymore.

holds rpm to take off with a light slip of the clutch with no throttle, it will idle in 1st & 2nd smooth as glass like stock, 3rd and 4th get a tiny amount of bucking where you can hear the driveline knock and forth if let idle, some throttle input and its gone.

the main issue is the intermittent stall. so strange. maybe due to vss input?

any other writeups on idle air tuning, dos/donts?
declutch stall.csv
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Re: De-clutch stall - intermittent

Post by sailorbob » Wed Apr 24, 2019 2:59 am

It's dying because it's overfuelling. When it gets close to the desired idle rpm, if you look near ET 57.224 shortly after the spark changes from 'idle feedback at minimum clip' to 'idle feedback', the injector pw increases and keeps on doing so until the engine stalls. You need to identify what's causing that fuelling increase.

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