Valet tune?

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Valet tune?

Post by scott88 » Wed May 29, 2019 8:01 pm

Hey folks I was wondering what people have done to change their tunes (quarterhorse/binary editor) to prevent a shop from abusing the car when dropped off for a couple days. I am going to be dropping my car off soon to get painted (or wrapped, I haven’t decided yet) and want to prevent any abuse. I can barely handle this car so I don’t want some kid trying it. I want the car to be able to be moved around in the parking lot/shop able to drive but not out on the roads. I’m guessing rev limiter changes? Any info is appreciated.
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Re: Valet tune?

Post by cgrey8 » Wed May 29, 2019 8:17 pm

There's a number of different things you can do to create yourself a "valet" tune. There's rev-limiting along with pulling timing or just zeroing out the MAF flow values above say 150kg/hr. Most vehicles can be driven in a parking lot with less than that reasonably. But if they attempt to, the EEC basically cuts fuel since the MAF voltage is correlating to a 0kg/hr flowrate value. As soon as they take their foot off the gas (assuming they don't conk the engine), the engine returns to life. IMO, this is probably the most effective way to valet-cripple a car.

Now if they'll legit need to actually drive it on the road, maybe you allow 200kg/hr which should be MORE than generous just to move the vehicle. Any more than that, and they are gunning it.

HOWEVER regardless of what value you limit the tune to, they should be warned that you've done this. And you'd be smart to get it on camera that you have informed them. In the event that for whatever reason, they do need to move it, they might try to pull out into traffic just to have the car conk out on them as a semi is barrelling down on them. And despite it being their fault, there goes your car and whatever hard work you put into it. And if you don't have proof that you warned them, their insurance might attempt to fight you in court and claim you caused the wreck by crippling the car.

Just some things to think about...
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