Idle lower than settings

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Idle lower than settings

Post by Datsun510 » Thu Jun 20, 2019 7:14 pm

I’ve been playing around with the eec numbers and still can’t get my idle to 800 rpms.
With the engine at operating temperature I cans only get it around 730 rpms.
What am I missing??? Any help would be appreciated!

Set the Scalars to
IDLRPM 900 (idle speed max allowed?)
ITHBMA 0.8799
IPSIBR -0.199

Set the Functions to
FN875 ISC Idle Air Neutral and Drive
4080 1.930
1744 1.852
1200 1.375
800 1.109
Used average rpm and lb/min numbers from data log

Duty Cycle
Cold 45 Hot 41
Back probed IAC connector using a Fluke.
Can’t seem to read Duty Cycle with either of my data loggers.

Engine Load 18.8%
Absolute TP 16.9%
Spark Advance 20.7 degrees
STFT 1.8


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