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Supersnake calibration for compare ?

Post by FinnCobra » Tue Jan 26, 2021 3:25 pm

My friend has car with 5.4 GT500 based engine, ecm FBMH356 / NBU5 / FBMH3. I red calibration and it looks odd. Tuning was done in 2007-8 and it had somekind of mafia manipulating device, big injectors, boost-a-pump. Original parts are lost. Tune doesn't look that is has been never dialed in. Estimated power between 600-800 hp.
Charger is KenneBell 2.6l, bigger tb, 4-1 sidepipes, injectors now EV14-1000-T1. I compared tune to stock NBU5: injector values stock, tb values stock, maf curve 2.15 x stock, spark borderline knock threshold values bigger than stock, MBT values lower.
I thought to get this for maf ... -hr-black/
Adjusting will be challenging, car weight is about 1000 kg, no traction.
Does anyone have Supersnake bin or similar, for comparing. I'd like to know if current bin is too bad for even starting.
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