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GUFB Consolidated PT/FT Spark Table with 20 x 30 resolution

Post by Chris93Cobra » Thu Mar 04, 2021 2:33 pm

Hello everyone,

I am trying to modify the bin file to get a larger spark table for better resolution. I am not very good with programming, but have took a stab at it. I have disabled MFA, Launch Control, EGR and Thermactor. I have left the code for these but used the space that the tables and functions were in shuffling things around to get more space. I am not sure I have the row and column indicators done correctly. I have ran a test on my car, it idles fine, but once you rev it, the Saftot says 105 degrees, which I know is not possible because my spark clip is 45 deg. Can someone log at the bin file and help me with this? This is through Binary Editor and am using SAD to disassemble the code.

(310.07 KiB) Downloaded 370 times
(56 KiB) Downloaded 352 times

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