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Coyote Swap

Post by v8thunder » Tue Feb 08, 2022 3:11 pm

I am thinking of a possible Coyote swap into my 03 Crown not plan to use the Coyote PCM, too much wiring to integrate it so everything works in the car properly, so what I am thinking is more along the lines of driving it using my HAH1/RZAS0 PCM. I would have to convert to a cable pull Throttle body, add an IAC...and get or make a harness to wire it to my factory 4.6 connector...from what I see:

The Crank sensor is still using a 35 tooth issues there..
The cam sensor is the same type, just have to use the cam 1 sensor...
Installing the old Temp Sensor, MAF sensor(or larger for obvious reasons)...
I would need injectors to match the impedance of my PCM
Other sensors should swap in or be able to find sensors with correct outputs to make my PCM work with them
Either lock out the VCT, I would go with aftermarket cams, anyway...or go with the Holley 554-145 TI VCT control Module...not sure if it will work standalone or not
Use RPM activated switch for the IMRCs
I would be running a 4R70W behind nothing to really deal with, wiring wise there...but it will need to get rebuilt anyway, so toughening it up would be a no brainer...

Just doing my own feasability checks, don't want to wind up opening Pandora's box on this..anything else anyone can think of?

And, of course, a trip to someone to get the tune right for this...I already have the SCT Racer Package...allowed me to convert this years ago to E85 when I had to pull the heads...had them milled down, and installed with .020 gaskets to bump the CR...has been running great like that for over 12 years...shes getting tired though, and is using oil more and more...just looking for options over the next year or so to upgrade...thought about the Godzilla 7.3...but too much work just fitting the monster in, while the Coyote as far as space, bolts in...

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