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Will you still get a FPDM code if properly deleted?

Post by Rocketengines » Thu Nov 24, 2022 10:05 am

I am having issues with a 04 cobra motor i installed in a 56 f-100. I had the 2 ecm done by 2 different tuners, PATS deleted, emmission deleted and set up for return style fuel system, but i still get "No FPDM" codes and evap codes, should I? Also the engine runs but drops 500-600 rpm and recovers every 4-6 seconds. A/C compressor and low fan relays also cycle even though the High side and low side sensors are not hooked up. I am using the factory ecm and engine harness and have checked every wire for short/grounding. and have no other codes. 25 years as a ASE master tech, but only Harley Davidson performance programming experience. Please help.

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