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Lean at Tip In. Ideas?

Post by Diabolic1 » Fri Jan 27, 2023 4:46 pm

I noticed that when I lift off the throttle completely and just neutral coast , that the lambse will show .89-.94 for a few seconds then it will swing lean to almost 1.12-1.15 on the wideband. Then when I get back into the throttle, I get a quick moment of lean 1.12-1.15 on the gauge until it jumps back to 1.0. My fuel seems dialed in with my Kams being 1.0-1.015. Is this usually an injector slope issue, a maf transfer issue, or an offset issue? Ive noticed that my driver side has the KAMS in the .96 range while the pass side is in the 1.04 raange. Maybe I have a slow switching O2?? I'm running 42# Holley injectors and using the green top 42# Ford injector specs.

91 351 with A9L, 5 speed, RPM Heads, GT40 Intake, 90mm LMAF, Holley 42# Injectors

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