Speedo Calibration in 2001 Mustangs..

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Speedo Calibration in 2001 Mustangs..

Post by slowbra » Fri Nov 01, 2002 6:01 pm

After Fighting with my Speedo I figured I would start messing around with things until it started working. here is what needs to be changed...

The Examples below are for changing the Speedo From 3.27's to 4.30's Change yours respectively.

axle_ratio 3.27 4.30
axle_ratio_f 27 30
axle_ratio_i 3 4
axle_ratio_max_clip 3.29 <---> 4.32
axle_ratio_max_clip2 3.29 4.32
axle_ratio_min_clip 3.25 4.28
axle_ratio_min_clip2 3.25 4.28


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