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The Engineer's Engineer...

Post by cgrey8 » Wed Feb 28, 2018 12:02 pm

As I sometimes do, I go to Youtube looking for research-quality material from DIYers out there that have far more willingness to share their lives visually than I have. And in the process of doing so, Youtube often prompts a nice list of "recommended" vids are things I might be interested in too. After all, they make money flashing ads at me the more I watch, so they actually do throw relevant click-bait my way. For S-n-Gs, I watch them too if they have an interesting title. Some are a waste of time. But I've found a jewel-of-a-channel that any car-guru, seasoned engineer, or just general shop dweller, I believe, will appreciate.

ArduinoVersusEvil or AvE as he goes on Youtube.
He's a Canadian Engineer that has, what appears to be, over 100 videos of him doing random stuff in his shop...and he's got some really cool engineering tools to work with. While there's definite educational value in what I've seen so far, the real reason for me mentioning him here is how entertaining he is to listen to. Part of it is he's Canadian, so some of the common words they use are just different than what I'm used to here in "tha South", but some, is just him being down-right hi-larious...that is unless you have delicate ears. He does use "grown-up" words...liberally, so even if you don't have delicate ears, if there are delicate ears around, best wait for them to be out of earshot.

I haven't watched even a 10th of everything he's got posted, but these were the ones that hooked me.

An exceptionally fascinating teardown and analysis of the Harbor Freight Hercules drill that they jokingly compare to a Dewalt in their catalogs. Right out of the box, he tears a brand new Hercules drill down to the chuck and points out all the places where they they either did things right or skimped including a mAh test of the battery. Absolutely informative and twice as entertaining:
BOLTR: Dirty Secrets of Harbor Freight HERCULES | Better than DeWALT?

Then he has a good video about the torque capacity of ratchets (cheap vs name brand name) with a surprising result and some interesting followup where commenters pointed out that he was not quite real-world in his tests:
Snap-On vs. Offshore

But here's the pièce de résistance. I won't even tell you the title. But...well, umm. I can't even comment. I'll have to let yall do that:

If you know of any other good channels like this, post a link...
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