EEC-IV CFI, 3.8 vs 5.0

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EEC-IV CFI, 3.8 vs 5.0

Post by kishy » Thu Jul 04, 2019 10:42 pm

Hi all. Newbie here. Not necessarily looking to tune anything, in the usual sense, but I figured the crowd here would know better than anyone else...

I have a couple Fords with EEC-IV CFI on 5.0 V8s. This is the arrangement that uses a mechanical idle linkage similar to a carb and a vacuum dashpot aka Vacuum Operated Throttle Modulator, but is otherwise an electronic fuel injection system.

I am aware that the EEC-IV CFI setup on a 3.8 V6 uses electronic idle speed control, using a Carter-style ISC motor with an ITS on the end.

The throttle bodies fit in place of each other, and in fact, can be converted into each other by swapping pieces of them around.

Can anyone think of a way in which a 5.0 V8 could gain the benefits of the 3.8 idle speed control system? All sensors in the system are identical. I'm wondering what you'd need to do to a 3.8 ECU to make it capable of feeding the 5.0 the right amount of fuel, since as best as I can see it, that's the only reason it couldn't work.

I am well aware that CFI is not the most ideal fuel delivery system and that it is both easy and popular to ditch it for sequential multiport, but humour me this within reach to do, even if just as an exercise in "why not?"


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