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EPEC/Extreme Performance Engine Control

Post by EPECUser181 » Mon May 22, 2023 3:13 pm

This post is likely the Son of "Is this site dead" post probably a couple lines nearby.

I have a NOS EPEC I'm planning on using for very mild tuning and datalogging on a 95 Cobra with strategy ZA0. After asking some questions on some other sites (SVTPerformance, The Corral, among others) someone suggested I come here to I've been poking around the site this afternoon and it seems a little bit deserted...hopefully I can discuss stuff with some knowledgeable peoples at some point.

I was also informed that people originally affiliated with GSR, Ford Motorsport, Ford Motor, and possibly VanirTech might be here. I tried searching the members list but it was quite unwieldy for someone with my limited permissions...does anyone know if any of the following people might be registered on this site (and if so, how to contact):

Sam Guido (GSR, FMS, Ford Motor)
Ken Burkman (GSR)
Brian Wolfe (EPEC pioneer)
Jimmy LaRocca (IBM, EPEC pioneer, tuner)

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Re: EPEC/Extreme Performance Engine Control

Post by EDS50 » Fri Jul 21, 2023 11:24 am

I dont think any of them are registered here. I may be able to answer your questions on the epec you may have.
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