What strategy does my EEC follow?

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What strategy does my EEC follow?

Post by cgrey8 » Tue Mar 11, 2008 12:11 pm

There are thousands of different EEC codes out there. Some EECs are very similar to other EECs, so similar in fact that it can actually accept the tunes of other similar EECs. EECs that can share tunes amongst each other are said to be of the same strategy. Don't confuse the usage of the word strategy here with EEC run-modes like idle strategy, closed loop, and WOT strategy. EEC strategy refers to the organization of data and execution code in the memory of the EEC. EECs that are of the same strategy store the same execution code and parameters (aka scalars, functions, and tables) in the same places. EECs of different strategies will organize things in memory a little differently and sometimes a lot differently.

So why is knowing the strategy important? The definition file is used by tune editors like BinaryEditor to associate human understandable words with locations in your EEC's memory as well as scaling the values in those memory locations from values that mean something to the EEC to values that mean something to you as the tuner. You can think of the definition file as something like a really complex cereal box "decoder ring" to decode your tune into human understandable components. In order for a software to support a strategy, somebody had to manually decode the tune into those human readable pieces. And it's safe to say that is a long and tedious process that not just anybody can do. So not all EEC strategies are decoded.

To find your EEC's strategy, check the calibration look-up table on the BinaryEditor/EEC Analyzer website for what strategy your EEC follows (if it is known).

This page is a list of all strategies supported by BinaryEditor. Look towards the bottom of the list for Calibration Lookup.xls. Look for your EEC's code in this document to figure out your EEC's strategy. Once you know the strategy, then look for that strategy's definition file in the list to see if it has BinaryEditor support.

If you don't know the EEC code, you can try looking in the and Strategy Lookup.xls file which associates different year/make/model vehicles to strategies. The problem here is you could potentially have the same year vehicle with multiple potential strategies. So it's always best to know the EEC code to identify your EEC strategy and support.

If plan to use CalEdit/CalCon, email info@tweecer.com to determine if there's a CalEdit def file for your EEC.

Likewise, for SCT EEC support or any other software/tuning device(s), you will need to contact them to find out if they support your EEC's strategy with their software and hardware.
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