FJO WB & Dataq Hookup To Log AFR In Calcon On EEC-V Cars

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Dale McPeters
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FJO WB & Dataq Hookup To Log AFR In Calcon On EEC-V Cars

Post by Dale McPeters » Tue Jun 08, 2004 9:39 am

To all TwEECer-RT users that use an FJO WB here is a reference for hooking it up to be able to log AFR in Calcon.

There is a 4 pin connector on the controller side of the FJO WB that has

A = Red Wire Analog Output (This is the wire that needs to go to the Analog connection on the Dataq).
B = Green Wire Analog Ground (I ran this wire to one of the frame grounds)
C = White Wire Power (Switched fused power)
D = Black Wire Ground (Frame/Neg. battery ground)

(Note these wire colors may be different as FJO Racing changed up the color scheme from what some of the earlier units had like mine. The connections will be the same but the wire colors may differ from the ones listed above).

Also here is a link to the FJO Racing website and one of the installation manuals. ... anual).pdf

Note that the "A" analog connection does not have a wire coming out of the connector that is the fatherest away from the controller. It has the red going in and nothing coming out. You will have to add this wire and route it to one of the Dataq Analog connections. I also ran another ground wire from the Dataq Analog ground side of this connection to the frame of the car. You will need to place the Dataq in a acessable location as you will need to hook up a serial cable from the Dataq to the Laptop (or a serial to usb cable) as the Dataq has a serial connection.

Here is the link to the Dataq website. (Note this is the 4 channel starter kit w/serial connection) This is the one that I am currently using.

Dataq has released a usb version of the Dataq (Here but I have not tried it yet. I am not sure as of yet that it would work with Calcon that would be a question for Mike Glover to answer. I would "assume" that it would but you know what that it still has the same input going in etc. but the usb setup may conflict with the usb for the TwEECer-RT? I will contact Mike Glover on this as I am sure that some would prefer the usb version. Ok enough rambling..............

Also note that you do not use any of the FJO WB's datalogging capability when it is hooked up in this way while datalogging with Calcon. Such as rpm etc. You will still have use of the FJO display if you have one though. (Note you can use the Dataq "OR" the FJO WB datalogging to log things while Calcon is "NOT" running though if need be)

Also see this post about installing the Dataq software first then Caledit/Calcon. As the Dataq software will over write a "dll" file if it is installed after Caledit/Calcon A9x.

This proceedure would be simular for all WB brands like PLX, LM1 etc. that hookup to the Dataq for EEC-V cars. Although the wiring will be different for diffrent WB makes & models I am sure.

Hope this helps.

Dale McPeters
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Chris Mureen
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Post by Chris Mureen » Sun Jun 13, 2004 10:36 am

I finally got this working yesterday but found that the conversion table used by Calcon does not present the correct a/f ratio. I compared the LCD readout that came with the FJO with Calcon and there was a significant difference. I then looked at the graph of voltage verses a/f that came with the documentation for the FJO and see that Calcon uses that data exactly. However, with my LCD read out saying 14.64:1 a/f at idle, it also said the voltage was about 1.98v.

According to the database file in Calcon, 1.98v is about 13:1 a/f which is what I was seeing.

So it looks like FJO has given us/STKR some bad data. Has anyone looked into this already?


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Post by cgrey8 » Mon Feb 11, 2008 8:30 pm

Does anybody find this helpful? Is it a frequently enough discussed/needed topic that it should be in the FAQ section? If not, then I'm going to move it somewhere else.
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