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newby here cant find strategies on BE should I swap EEC?

Post by more4u2c » Wed Oct 06, 2021 1:00 am

new here and new to tuning so new still waiting on my quarterhorse to arrive in the mail. as I wait im trying to make sure I have everything i need to get tuning right away. Now I dont know what computer strategy my ECC has as im currently traveling for work but from what ive researched my ECU might be 8LF, 8LG, or 8LD. my fox is a 1988 automatic model but its a MAF car from ford as it is a california car. Ford had to use MAF in 1988 for the California cars in order for it to be sold in the state in 1988. now when I look up the strategies in the BE program there are no 8lf, 8lg, or 8ld listed nor is there any listed online on motes website. so does this mean Ill need to swap out computer with one that is supported and if thats what i need to do what computer do I need to find? can a A9P be plug and play with my car? or would you suggest I get the O2 sensor harness for a manual and get a a9l manual computer instead. or is there a BE strategy for my 1 year earlier factory california MAF fox?

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Re: newby here cant find strategies on BE should I swap EEC?

Post by ollopa » Wed Oct 06, 2021 4:04 am

Don't confuse the catch code with the strategy. 8LD is a calibration catch code for the GUFA strategy. It's pointless to guess, though -- get the catch code off your EEC and post it back here if you need help finding the right strategy for it.
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