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8065 Registers (and disassembler)

Post by tvrfan » Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:52 pm

I found a bug in the symbol naming in SAD, and whilst checking this out I realised I had missed the fact that the 8065 CPU has the ability for FOUR different functions for its special registers - by SIZE (word or byte) , READ, WRITE.

I had done read and write options for symbol naming for 8061, but despite that thread with sailorbob about access to special registers and actual code (like why some things are always LDB), I didn't quite get that the 8065 actually had this defined in the Ford handbook.....

So that's a future job to do.

I also need to add more 'special' addresses automatically for the later specialist I/O chips and so on....

All useful information welcome (I have the Ford handbook already)

I see that now I've looked at this further, the dual purpose registers which overlap are all Byte accessed and Odd addresses, so I won't need
a size after all, as the Word will be even accessed....
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