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Trying to Learn and convert different eec-v maps

Post by hyperderpz » Wed Dec 23, 2020 3:01 pm

Hi All,

I have a predicament and was looking for advice or a point in the right direction.

First I'm helping a friend out with a problem for his kit-car. He is using a 1.6 Zetec Engine out of a Puma.

His plan is to be able to clone the Puma ECU to other Visteon ECU's from a KA, Fiesta, or Mondeo.

Puma ECU: EEC-V Visteon, LP4-323 1S6F-12A650-JA
KA ECU: EEC-V Visteon, LP4-322 1S5F-12A650-AB
Fiesta ECU: EEC-V Visteon, LP4-322 1S6F-12A650-CB

We've tried VCMII Clone but this wasn't working properly. Tried converting a KA to another KA and Puma to KA but didn't work. Came up with an Error code each time.

Using Kess and a EEPROM Programmer;

So far our results have been:

Other KA (Map and EEPROM) to KA ECU (Map and EEPROM) = Works. Turn the Key and IMMO recognises the Keys.
PUMA (Map and EEPROM) to KA ECU = FAIL. IMMO stays on
KA Map + Puma EEPROM to KA ECU = Works.
Puma Map + KA EEPROM to KA ECU = FAIL.
KA Map to Fiesta ECU = Works.
Puma Map to Fiesta ECU = FAIL.

From these results, it seems like the Puma Map file is not compatible or I'm missing something in the map file. I'm unsure whether the Engine CC or the LP-322 allows the different maps to work and thats why the Puma map from a 1.6 Engine or a LP4-323 ecu will not work.

Has anyone had experience with Ford EEC-V mapping?

Kind regards,


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Re: Trying to Learn and convert different eec-v maps

Post by jsa » Wed Dec 23, 2020 6:26 pm

LP4-322 OR 323, that is a hardware code. The EEC hardware is different, you need to identify what is different in detail to understand if you have a chance of success.

Tuning requires disassembly of the binary file from the PROM. Then create a definition file for the tuning software so tune changes can be made.


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