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Turbo anti lag using ACT temp switch

Post by Blklightning01 » Fri Feb 24, 2023 6:52 pm

Has anyone experimented with wiring into ACT circuit, applying a "specifc" resistance and tune ACT spark retard table to coincide with minus temperature reading via a switched resistance circuit? I see that HP tuner based LS "tuners" have done it and some import diy "tuners" have done it. It should be as easy as determining what resistance value via datalogging ACT with BE relates to a minus temperature and editing the table as needed.
Of course, it would only have a specific affect via retarded timing vs a more robust version adding fuel, air and retard timing that the higher end standalone injection systems use.
A simple momentary push switch could be used to activate the anti lag circuit, like a transbrake or roll control switch setup.

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