GT40 Lowers and KB Blowers

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GT40 Lowers and KB Blowers

Post by tmoss » Mon Jun 05, 2017 8:23 am

Seems the use of Explorer lowers to mount Kenne Bell blowers has been hit and miss, some people have good luck and others wind up with about 1/8" misalignment on the belt and have issues. I had some lowers and took some measurements compared to a Cobra lower and found I had one of the ones that would be an issue - here is an article with pictures on what I found. I added a note in the text indicating the 1/8" thickness of my square which was not added to the lengths measured so that people could see the dimensions on the edge of the ruler. If anyone wants to measure a lower they have to check it, add the 1/8" thickness of my square to the dimensions in the picture text and then subtract the thickness of whatever you might use in place of the square for measurement.
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