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Post by neonbeef » Sat Apr 27, 2019 11:12 am

Good Morning All:

I look forward to learning as much as I can from this site.

You can see my vehicle specs below my signature. It's a father/son project. My son is an excellent painter and good at everything on vehicles with the exception of building engines.

This is what he wants to do, so I am taking him through everything I know. But, it's changed a lot since I was last in it. I decided that we need to "move on" to tuning and MFI. We working on out third engine right now, and he's picking it up pretty good (it's from a 1977 Ford Cobra Mustang II which will not be fuel injected, and a legitimate barn find).

As such, we are in the final stages of putting the truck together. It's been a real pain for him (having never done a complete build before). I explained to him that we would likely have nothing working at first and have to troubleshoot every system. And, I was correct.

Our fuel pump system has a partial short somewhere under the dashboard, somewhere. So, we wired in a new wiring system with relay and circuit breaker for it. Today, we will be taking car of some leaks. We also had some issues with the MSD 6AL and spark system, but we got that figured out. We put in an electric waterpump and cooling fan.

The main issue right now is that the new injectors are not working. So, I will be posting for some help with this today as soon as I figure out how (I don't see the "Post New" button on the other Forums). Also, I would like to see some written information or videos (better yet) on exactly how to get started with downloading the Core Tuning strategy and putting it on the WAY1 EEC. I am using BE with a Moates QH.
Be well, and have a great day!

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AHACB Strategy/Moates QH/BE - Core Tuning

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