94 460 Maf Issues

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94 460 Maf Issues

Post by R8ge » Mon Jul 08, 2019 12:06 am

Trucks running a 94 cobra ecm that isnt tuned. Im having o2 codes since i swapped the truck to maf. I added a left bank o2 and the way the exaust is it ends up being 40 inches of pipe away from manifold. The right bank is 20 inches away. The codes i have conistently are 137 with key on engine running. Mixture left rich. I also have codes 173 177. Both banks rich. When driving at a consitent throttle position the check engine will flash randomly. Would o2s being deffernt lengths cause an issue or is it since they are farther away then ford intented them to be,or is is something else entirly. Only thing affected is idle quality the truck will randomly almost stall them run rough the fine. Or it will idle hunt up and down 150 rpm. Wot preformance is perfect so motor seems fine. I came here because I found a tuning option of exaust pulse delay. Would the ecm be reading to quick and the o2s are reading differnt causing the code. Im getting ready to get a tune with a mustang shop in my local area richmond va.

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