Cam position sensor OBD2 2.3 Turbo

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Cam position sensor OBD2 2.3 Turbo

Post by Pwrshft99 » Thu Aug 01, 2019 10:44 am

I converted an 88 2.3t motor to OBD2 and swapped in my 96 Ranger. I followed examples others had done and moved the factory ranger reluctor wheel and also cam sensor. The wheel rides on the back of the camshaft sprocket and the sensor is mounted to the valve cover. I did my best and have experimented with the gap but I have a cam sensor fault code.

My simple question is, will the cam sensor fault have an effect on the tune?? I have both a Tweecer and now the SCT Advantage software. I can make all types of fuel and MAF transfers adjustments but it will not change the excessive rich idle condition.

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