Damper and flexplate/flywheel counterweight orientation?

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Damper and flexplate/flywheel counterweight orientation?

Post by sydude » Sun Jun 21, 2020 10:21 am

Hey y’all. I’m trying to diagnose an engine/front of transmission vibration issue with a ford racing crate motor that I bought new a long time ago and freshened up a few years ago. The vibration started after the refresh. It’s a 50oz externally balanced 302. I know the harmonic balancer is good (I just replaced it with a correct new one), and the next steps were to check/replace the flexplate and the torque converter. Both of those are literally the original units from the day I bought the truck brand new nearly 30 years ago, plus the stock stall on the converter was horribly mismatched to the new engine so it was time anyway. I was double checking the converter bolts on the flexplate yesterday and noticed that the counterweight on the flexplate was on the opposite side of the counterweight on the damper (the counterweight on the flexplate was at the bottom while the weight on the damper was on the top). Aren’t they supposed to be oriented on the same side?

PS- there are a ton of posts online repeating the mantra that a flexplate can’t be installed in any other orientation, but let’s assume they can and that I may have.
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