I have no idea what im doing

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I have no idea what im doing

Post by notbarnobi8585 » Tue Jun 23, 2020 7:25 pm

Right now, all i need to do is get the vehicle to run. i dont need anything special, nothing fancy, just a basic tune.

I have an 88 SVO 2.3 block with 2.5l forged internals in a 1993 chassis with a 1995+ wiring harness.

I have a moates quarterhorse. I have a registered copy of BE.

All i want to do is just let it read the stock tune and fire the truck up.

The ECU i have a FLH2 ecc-v ecu/ecm whatever you call it. Usually those use a PAAD6 strategy. I have no clue where to find one. i have no clue where to get one. i searched far and wide and found absolutely nothing. i know these are not popular ECUS but its all ive got.

So i plugged in the quarterhorse, it reads, cool. Go to the "ford upload" and it comes back with "No PCM type. The PCM type must be defined in the config file" but i dont have a config file of the strategy i need because i cant find the strategy i need. How is this stuff so difficult to find? i dont understand why everything has to be hidden behind paid licenses and yada yada. I just need this truck to run!

And for anyone saying "just unplug the quarterhorse and run the ECU", heres the thing, i have no dash or anything in this truck. i need to be able to actively see the AFRs, Coolant Temp, oil pressure, you get it.

So what do i do, where do i go? Also, registering for a strategy, do i have to pay for that through BE?

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Re: I have no idea what im doing

Post by jsa » Wed Jun 24, 2020 7:28 am

Uploading the ford bin from the eec won't get you logging straight away.

You need a strategy file with payloads defined for the parameters you wish to see.

Yòu can pay someone to provide a strategy or you can disassemble the bin and write your own strategy.

If you choose the later, you will soon appreciate why someone might charge for that.

As for paad or flh2, look in downloads at eecanalyzer.net, moates.net or ask coretuning if they have it.


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