Tweecer Issue

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Tweecer Issue

Post by Diverdog » Mon Jun 29, 2020 8:39 am

Lurker first post.....

I have had my Tweecer for years, did some basic changes back then to try and compensate for the engine mods and it ran good, not great.

I figured it was time to really datalog and tune it until it was better than good. So hook up the only laptop I can use for this, Caledit needed updating, so I did. Had to jump through hoops to get the drive loaded on my Windows 7, but seemed to have worked.

So a couple of problems, I had the EED A9L crash a while back so I got a rebuilt one, they sent a A9P, dumb me I didn't check until just now. Seemed to work with the Tweecer so hey we are good. But it was an A9L strategy tune...???

Next problem is that it wouldn't save to positions 2-4, "flash failed" and positions 1 & 5 are the same tune...? I thought 5 was off? Replaced the phone cord switch cable and now it flashes to all positions, just the same tune. Won't save a different tune to a different position. Caledit saves the tune to bank 8 every time, and it saves to all 5 positions. I have it saves as a 4 2 bank programs so I think it should be working...

Any ideas out there what could be causing this??

Thank you for any help...

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